Electrolux success overview

Key outcomes

  • 10% decrease in average time spent on key talent process, despite a 130% user increase
  • 104% increase against key manager self-service support objective

“Our team oversees the HR platforms we use on a global scale. Adopt helps us to bring the best possible experience and adoption to that.”

Christian Bengtsson-Rossby, Digital HR Director at Electrolux

The objective

Electrolux is one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers. It had been using AppLearn Adopt since 2017 to support a global Cornerstone deployment, but their digital adoption efforts ramped up even further following the unprecedented change of 2020.

Headquartered in Stockholm but with a multinational presence, the pandemic and shift to remote working affected all of Electrolux’s 50,000+ global employees. For an internal digital HR team overseeing eight different systems without external support, the challenge and goal soon became clear.

The team wanted to retain high employee engagement and manager self-service by providing a state-of-the-art talent management solution fit for remote work. Doing this in line with Electrolux’s ‘shaping living for the better’ purpose and company-wide focus on efficiency led them to double down on their digital adoption efforts.

The support solution

The Electrolux team understood digital adoption isn’t as simple as just telling people to use a tool, however simple it may appear to be. To help their employees not only use Cornerstone better, but also make it easy for people to change their ways of working, they knew something had to be done at the source.

As our digital adoption platform was already in place, the Digital HR team set about reviewing the in-app experience and worked with us to place support right where it was needed. For more transactional tasks, such as review check-ins, we placed Tooltips at the field-level to prompt inputs and point users in the right direction.

In cases where more education or communication was needed, such as year-end reviews or goal setting, they used our Smart Pages to deliver pop-up comms in context, and embedded side-panel resources using our Split Screen module for those who needed or wanted further information or guidance.

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The analytics solution

While intuition and empathy can take you so far, the Electrolux Digital HR team knew they had to have data to deliver the experience their employees needed. They required a holistic view of their applications that software vendors simply don’t deliver.

Using Adopt’s analytics, Electrolux established both enterprise insight and a deep dive into Cornerstone performance. When the initial shift to remote work was happening, they relied on these insights into usage to draw conclusions and plan interventions where issues were happening. By looking at user behavior during processes like salary reviews, they could adjust support accordingly and see the outcomes.

With this information, the administrators responsible for Electrolux’s HR applications were able to find and fix problems rather than sit back and guess. With plans to connect more of their eight HR applications with Adopt’s analytics and in-app support, this holistic view and in-app experience is only going to grow.

The outcomes

After rapidly adjusting to the sudden change of 2020 and delivering 100,000s of in-the-flow-of-work support interventions with Adopt, Electrolux have turned a challenge into a success. The digital HR team have also saved 1000s of hours via both task efficiency and support ticket deflection.

By the start of 2022 they had seen a 10% decrease in average time spent on a key talent process, despite a 130% user increase. They had also been able to measure a 104% improvement against a key manager self-service support objective that was central to the success of their software and remote adjustment.

“We’ve got completion times down, especially for transactional tasks,
by providing the right support at the right point in time.”

Christian Bengtsson-Rossby, Digital HR Director at Electrolux

Despite these results, Electrolux’s digital HR team know their work is never done. Alongside ongoing support, adoption initiatives and data monitoring, they are rolling out Adopt onto the Phenom platform for Talent Experience Management. Combined with their ongoing beta membership, this will not only bring more user insight for their team but make the support experience more consistent for their employees.

Since the start of our relationship in 2017, Electrolux has proven it isn’t just committed to efficiency and reducing waste on the manufacturing side. From in-app support to acting based on actual user insight, the business continues to lead the way in digital employee engagement and takes each change in its stride.

Creative Commons image credits:
I99pema, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons w/ minor crop