Electrolux success overview

Outcomes after 2 months:

  • Deflected support costs of almost $50,000
  • 85% of users interacted with AppLearn Adopt content
  • Users in 32 countries created 54,000 training sessions

Project scale:

  • 55,000 global employees
  • 20,000 Cornerstone users

“AppLearn and the Adopt platform has helped Electrolux simplify the user adoption of our global people processes.” 

Leo Espindola, Product Manager, HR IT at Electrolux

The solution

Working with Cornerstone OnDemand, Adopt was introduced to Electrolux to manage and measure their user adoption, onboarding processes and ongoing training efforts effectively. Using the suite of Adopt modules, Electrolux was able to deliver a personalized and on-demand support experience to every employee.

“We use Smart Pages to communicate different types of releases and features, especially when users don’t really know what to expect, or don’t know how to use them.” 

By considering the audience and their needs, all communication was relevant and appealing, as well as delivered inside the application itself. Engagement interactions were also captured through Adopt’s Core Analytics module to proactively identify user adoption pain points and support needs, providing Electrolux with the opportunity to continually improve their users’ experience.

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$50kSupport cost reduction

The outcomes

In the initial two months of launching Adopt for Cornerstone, Electrolux saw 85% of their Cornerstone users interact with engagement communication and on-demand training within the system. This instant distribution of training materials to Electrolux’s users meant they knew they were able to access help when they needed it, without halting task completion or involving IT.

“We use Split Screen to make sure that we provide constant support in all of the pages of the application, so people know how to do the tasks in a very easy way.”

Through Core Analytics, Adopt has also provided Electrolux with a way to continually identify areas of Cornerstone where users need increased support. Moving forward, they will be able to continue to effectively communicate with users in-application preparing them for annual processes as well as ensuring users are equipped for updates.

“We use Adopt’s Analytics to provide insights to the business on how they can continuously improve and make the process even more excellent.”

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