HB Reavis success overview

Key outcomes

  • 20% faster task completions
  • 15% reduction in user confusion

“Our goal was to successfully launch a new application by introducing our users to its main operations. Results were great, with users completing tasks 20% faster with AppLearn Adopt than without it.”

Richard Fördös, Electronic Communications Specialist at Dôvera


The objective

Dôvera is the largest private health insurer in Slovakia, providing healthcare for 1.6 million policyholders. Founded in 2002, Dôvera is headquartered in Bratislava and employs almost 700 people. It cooperates with doctors, medical facilities, hospitals, and laboratories to provide care, services and benefits.

Dôvera approached AppLearn to help rollout a new business application to their users (primarily B2B specialists), introduce new app functionality for external users and provide automated user-driven training at the same time.

The new Dôvera app was not fully adopted across a large user base of around 100,000 users. In fact, the average session time was typically around a couple of minutes, with users rarely using particular features. This led Dôvera to set objectives for the adoption project to:

  • Increase application adoption and reduce activity time
  • Reduce the level of user confusion
  • Minimize the number of support calls related to application usability
  • Increase feature adoption
  • Boost overall user satisfaction

The solution

AppLearn was recommended to Dôvera by the health insurer’s software outsourcing and delivery supplier. After careful market research, Dôvera selected our Adopt Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) based on its high product functionality, local support and approach to pricing. We soon set off on a proof of concept to prove the value.

Following meticulous research of Dôvera’s pain points and objectives, our team customized and deployed our DAP. We also worked with Dôvera to create contextual and visual guides, helping both their employees and end-users to rapidly familiarize themselves with the new business application and additional functionality.

Despite our ongoing assistance, our user-friendly technology meant Dôvera’s managers and application stakeholders adopted the back-end editor quickly. In fact, they were able to prepare their own in-app guidance and set up an adoption process within just a few days.

Discover Adopt

The outcomes

The Dôvera team were delighted to discover to cover all use cases in their application. In particular, the ‘User Confusion Report’ and customizable Business Application Insights enabled Dôvera to monitor users’ progress and compliance. They also quickly identified bottlenecks where improvements could be made or automated, noting an almost immediate reduction in tech support calls when this was done.

Dôvera decided to continue with Adopt after the pilot phase, as the benefits were proved with time to spare. These include the ability to create user guides in minutes without any coding skills, all-round ease of deployment and the value of the user monitoring—not to mention the highly-customized guidance options.

The results are that 100,000+ users are now fulfilling tasks 20% quicker than they used to. They also understand the application and features better, leading to 15% less user confusion and 12% higher satisfaction.

From their smooth deployment and use of DAP modules to their use of analytics, Dôvera’s approach is a lesson in focus. By centering everything on the business objectives behind the software investment, the business, their employees and their end-users have all felt the benefit.