Cushman & Wakefield success overview

Outcomes during initial launch: 

  • 136% delivery on ticket reduction target 
  • 532 days of continuous training delivered 
  • 3,726 hours of content viewed 

Project scale: 

  • 47,000 employees 
  • Offices in 60 countries

“If we could have done anything differently in our project, we would have engaged with Adopt from the very start.” 
Mark Powell, CRM Program Owner & Change Lead, Cushman & Wakefield 

The solution

Adopt provided tailored Workday® support to every Cushman & Wakefield employee, supporting the mixture of competencies and skills. Additionally, prior to implementing Adopt, there was a lack of process in place to correctly measure KPIs and the success of the project.

Previously Cushman & Wakefield gauged success by inaccurately measuring support requests. However, once Cushman & Wakefield started utilizing the advanced real-time analytics within Adopt, accurate measures of KPIs, support and success were available.

“The ability to give a consistent support experience to the end user and to push messaging as and when they come to tasks is extremely powerful, as users don’t get bombarded with unnecessary communications, but actually get the support as and when they need it.”

Following the failed launch of Salesforce in North America, Cushman & Wakefield hit the reset button, implementing a new collaborative approach within EMEA utilizing the Adopt platform to support Salesforce Lightning. With renewed purpose, the Adopt platform was used prior to the launch of Salesforce Lightning, providing support and communications that ensured users were ready to fully utilize the software from day one.

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136%delivery on ticket reduction target

The outcomes

Thanks to Adopt, Cushman & Wakefield were able to put together training and communications that would facilitate the change for all their employees. After the initial launch of both projects, Adopt’s analytics found that Cushman & Wakefield overachieved on their support ticket reduction target by 135.6%.

“With Adopt, our business can now start to measure the value of the change effort and investment in technology.”

Over the Workday® and Salesforce programs, Adopt’s content had over 394k views, critical pieces of content included Year-End Performance Review support, which saw 29k views and the Goal Setting support, which saw 16k views.

Adopt supported a massive behavioral change within Cushman & Wakefield, enabling a self-service culture that ensures users have the necessary support, increasing the speed to value from the investment in technology.

“The Adopt platform is agnostic to the type of cloud technology we use and it gives our end users a consistent way of getting the support that they need across any application.”