Extend the power of ServiceNow

AppLearn Adopt improves the employee service experience by extending the familiar help and support offered by ServiceNow to all applications in your organizational portfolio.

Watch the video to see in action how you can create the ultimate digital support experience layer by combining the power of ServiceNow and AppLearn.


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Re-defining digital experiences

Successful experiences start with ServiceNow

With Adopt, you can extend the power of ServiceNow to drive better business outcomes and enhance the employee experience:

  • Deliver familiar ServiceNow support features such as contextual Knowledge articles and the Virtual Agent directly to colleagues as they interact with their various technology applications
  • Increase operational efficiency by providing dynamic help and support in the flow of work
  • Encourage and demonstrate an increase in self service
  • Simplify organizational processes and increase data quality
  • Achieve certainty of project success and demonstrate ROI from technology investments
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Measure adoption, behaviors and process challenges

Unlock end-to-end reporting

Powerful, extended analytics allow you to measure user journeys and behaviors from ServiceNow into the other connected applications.

Get the vital insights you need to plan and optimize your employee service experience.

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