AppLearn’s Digital Adoption Platform

Software success made simple

Remove the friction, waste and guesswork from your applications with Adopt, the all-in-one platform for effective apps and workflows.

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In-app help & guidance

Give your users a better support experience

Finding support isn’t something your users should have to think about. It should just be there, right when and where it’s needed.

Our platform brings this experience to any app, using step-by-step guidance, side-panel resources and pop-up comms to maximize the time spent in software and minimize the time spent on support.

User analytics & experience mining

Get the insight you need to drive software value

Businesses buy applications for impact, so reporting shouldn’t be limited to after the fact vanity metrics.

Our analytics make it easy to analyze and optimize workflows while tying outcomes to business objectives. This means you can prove real value, preempt adoption pains and drive continuous improvements.


These aren’t just features. This is the future of work.

Our platform is designed to be easy to integrate and work with, as a browser extension or integrated directly into your software. It starts and stays simple, whether for 1,000 users of one app or 100,000 across a tech stack.

Every month, over 30m interactions with Adopt are monitored and supported by our hypercare service. With our platform and partnership, you’ll see software success in no time.

  • Works with desktop & web apps
  • Enhances any project phase
  • Self-service functionality
  • Managed integration process
  • Enterprise-grade security

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Users supported by Adopt are 2x more likely to complete tasks accurately first time, and do so 50% faster.

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The Adopt module suite

Our digital adoption platform's modular build gives you all the flexibility and functionality you need to drive software success.

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