AppLearn, the leading digital adoption platform (DAP) vendor, continues to expand its channel network following the announcement of a new strategic partnership with Relind; a well-established consultancy firm headquartered in Mexico. Relind specializes in researching, recommending, and implementing digital-first solutions to help organizations achieve their goals.  

Adding AppLearn’s DAP to Relind’s offering will allow the service provider to further support clients undergoing digital transformation projects across LATAM and North America; with a platform designed specifically to help improve software adoption within mid-market and enterprise organizations. The newly formed partnership will also allow AppLearn to further expand and cement its position within the LATAM market.

The DAP market is expected to have a steady growth of 40-50% over the next few years, as more enterprises adopt digital adoption platforms as a preferred solution, according to the Everest Group. The analyst house also reported significant growth within the LATAM market specifically, highlighting the region as an area of huge potential for DAP technologies.  

Matt Bruce, VP of Sales at AppLearn, commented: “Partnering with Relind will enable us to provide expert and tailored digital adoption solutions to customers across LATAM — an emerging market where we haven’t typically focused. Combining Relind’s skills and experience with our DAP means we can support more organizations in delivering ROI from their tech investments through improved digital adoption and a better digital employee experience.”

“The partnership with AppLearn enables us to boost the digital transformation of organizations in Latin America, by connecting strategy with skills and mindset for business growth. Above all, this relationship allows us to strengthen Relind’s commitment and continue to promote the financial and cultural well-being of organizations in the region,” added Laura Peña, Digital Solutions Partner at Relind.


For more information or to join our partnership program, please visit our partner page.


About AppLearn  

AppLearn is a pioneering digital adoption company on a mission to make software work better for everyone. 

AppLearn’s digital adoption platform – Adopt – helps organizations maximize their investment in technology by adding personalized guidance and predictive analytics to any application or multi-app workflow.  

This guidance includes prompts and popups and works like Google Maps for software. It shows people where to go and what they need to know, right when and where they need to know it, while the platform analytics capture usage data and unlock workflow insights. Businesses can leverage analytics to track performance against key metrics and highlight any inefficiencies to fix before they turn into issues. 

We are trusted by global HR teams in market-leading businesses across 100+ countries. In fact, organizations like Rolls-Royce, Prudential, and Interfor are already using Adopt to make their software work better.  


About Relind 

Relind is a business consulting agency, based out of Mexico, that specializes in commercial and cultural development. Through knowledge and understanding of our clients, we propose value enhancement strategies that align the areas of customer service, and commercial human resources, to generate financial and cultural impacts in the organization.  

Our team has 15 years of experience in designing and implementing value and growth solutions for public and private organizations. 

We have extensive experience in remote working both internally and with our clients. We operate 80% remotely and 20% face-to-face.

Our clients span multiple industries including finance, education, tourism, automotive, goods and services, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

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Article by

Maja Sanchez

Article by

Maja Sanchez