AppLearn Adopt Summer Release

The key news from the AppLearn Adopt 2021 Summer Release, featuring better Tooltips, beta features and Adopt in Adopt.

At AppLearn we’re focused not only on creating great in-application experiences for users, but also simplifying the effort required by organizations to configure them. With our latest updates we continue to add great value in both areas.

Tooltips Enhancements

Duplicate option

Earlier in 2021, we introduced a duplicate option for Smart Page customers to accelerate building out their In-App Guidance. By creating a standard corporate design within Smart Pages, whenever new content is required within an application, administrators can generate a duplicate and configure as needed for the new content.

This feature attracted great feedback and we now have this same capability within Tooltips—ensuring consistent design and rapid rollouts with minimal clicks.

Within the Tooltips list view, you will now see a Duplicate option in addition to the existing features. Simply select the Tooltip that you wish to duplicate from the list and choose the option to complete the process.

The new Tooltip will contain all the source formatting/element targeting and can now be updated as needed to create additional guidance for your users within the flow of work.

Hover with intent

For instances where Tooltip guidance is frequently displayed within an application, we have optimized our existing “Hover” display feature to only display guidance once we have determined user intent. An example of this is when the mouse cursor stops within a configured element.

This helps to prevent unnecessary interactions with the user, should they happen to scroll their cursor across configured elements within the screen and ensures they receive the correct guidance “just in time”. This updates also comes without any additional configuration.

Split Screen icon control

Enabling users to access their recommended guidance in the flow of work can be provided in several ways within Adopt. Our Split Screen option delivers playlists, documents, and video content relevant to the user and location within the system, provided via a configurable icon overlay on the application.

Customers have found that a one-size-fits-all approach to icon placement can be problematic, so we have now enabled users to re-position the icon to a place of their choosing. This will be stored across sessions and ensure that they can still access all their application content, as well as Adopt, in the way best-suited to them.

Adopt for Adopt

DAP Guidance is now provided within our Service Portal

Our in-application guidance is used across numerous SaaS applications and systems, and our customers have quite rightly questioned “why do you not have in-app guidance within the Adopt Self-Service Portal?”

Well, we listened! Starting with the introduction of Smart Pages notifications, we will now offer administrators guidance within the flow of work to help them make the most out of our features. We’re also providing Quick Start guides to help our customers get rapid value from of our product and their business applications.

Beta Program

Customer collaboration and engagement is key to the continued success of Adopt, and this is particularly true of our beta program. As of Q3, both our Discovery Analytics and Tooltip sequencing features are currently in early access before being made generally available in forthcoming 2021 releases.

Discovery Analytics enables you to visualize and identify digital adoption challenges across multi-application journeys and utilize these ML-driven insights to understand where user experience should be optimized.

Tooltip Sequencing & Launchers allows you to dynamically link Tooltip content to other Adopt guidance within your SaaS application. This includes sequencing multiple Tooltips in a flow or linking via a Smart Page to dynamically assist users through a process or workflow.


For more information on any of these updates get in touch using our contact page. Alternatively, request a demo for a personalized look at our Digital Adoption Platform.

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Article by

Daniel Gripton

Article by

Daniel Gripton