AppLearn Adopt Autumn Release

The key news from the AppLearn Adopt 2021 Autumn release, featuring a number of enhancements to our Tooltip functionality.

A key focus throughout 2021 and beyond has been creating an in-application experience where end-users don’t have to think about support, because Adopt does all the thinking for them.

Whether it is onboarding new starters or reducing the frustration that can occur when completing complex or infrequent business processes, Adopt is on hand to simplify and assist without the need to contact support.

Sequenced Tooltips

We understand that in today’s world, complexity in processes can cause frustration. End-users don’t want to spend time searching for resources, asking for help or struggling through administrative tasks. They want fast, easy and useful in-app guidance to help them complete processes quickly and efficiently.

And so, in our Q3 release, we provide a number of new Tooltip sequencing capabilities that better support end-users in the flow of work; enabling them to quickly get access to the guidance and support they need in one unified workflow.

So, what’s new?

Button navigation

Adopt admins can now configure navigation between Tooltip steps or take end-users to key information within an application via the use of customizable buttons. With two buttons available to configure, Adopt admins can create sequenced content to navigate end-users dynamically through new, or complex business processes, ensuring they have access to the support and guidance they need to efficiently complete tasks.

Example use cases:

  • Branch end-users to different areas of the application to complete a specific action or set of actions
  • Configure ‘Next/Previous’ options where applicable within the sequence allowing end-users to navigate both backwards and forwards
  • Create a ‘Start Again’ action for repeatable processes (such as adding expense items)

Button text and colors are fully customizable so that Adopt admins can create Tooltips that align perfectly with existing branding.

Navigate on element click

This new feature is ideal for scenarios where Adopt admins may want end-users to click on a specific web element – i.e. a ‘Submit’ button after entering information into a specific field – in order to move to the next step in a process. This ensures end-users complete all of the required actions within a process, improving data entry and reducing the need to revisit the process at a later date.

This feature can be used independently, or in conjunction with button navigation, providing the flexibility to adapt to a number of customer use cases and also unlocking the capability for end-users to navigate across multi-page processes.

Sequenced guidance behavior

To improve the end-user experience, when a Tooltip is launched via a sequenced action, the guidance now contains a ‘Close’ button in the top right corner. This is to prevent the end-user accidently closing the guidance in error by clicking on the page.

Tooltips within a sequence are now ‘locked’ in place and will only disappear from view when intentionally closed, or when the next action is triggered via the end-user.

Sequence only Tooltips

To prevent Tooltips appearing each and every time an end-user hovers over a specific element, Adopt admins can now configure Tooltips to only appear as part of a complete sequence. This ensures that end-users only see the guidance when they are working through a specific process and prevents workflow disruption when end-users are completing business as usual tasks that do not require guidance.

Smart Page launcher

Should Adopt admins need to guide an end-user to a specific sequence automatically (e.g. to instruct end-users to update their personal details within a HR application), our Smart Page editor now integrates with Tooltips.

Adopt admins can now configure the auto-launch of sequences via Smart Page buttons; creating a unified experience between the communication of a new process or update, right through to helping the end-user complete the relevant action.


For more information on any of these updates get in touch using our contact page. Alternatively, request a demo for a personalized look at our digital adoption platform.

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Article by

Jess Thomas

Article by

Jess Thomas