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Why are so few companies achieving the results they expect from new investments in software?

Tech experts Everest Group explore how the right supporting technology is critical to help businesses better manage software change and make the most of their digital transformation initiatives. Key topics include:

  • Common challenges associated with change programs
  • How to better drive change with emerging tech
  • Why a DAP is a critical technology in managing change
  • How to shift towards digitally-enabled change management

Authored by Sharath Hari N, Practice Director, and Anwesha Chakraborty, Senior Analyst, at Everest Group, the report also deep-dives into how one global enterprise delivered over $150k of quantifiable cost-savings in just the first 9 months of using a DAP as part of its organizational change management.

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“Emerging technologies are helping organizations to make the most of their digital transformation initiatives…One such technology is Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs), which organizations can leverage across all change management stages to optimize outcomes.”

Sharath Hari N, Practice Director at Everest Group

How a market leader used a DAP to boost change ROI

“Adopt means my team spend less time on support and more time testing features, implementing products and improving the employee experience.”

Kayla Richardson, Senior Human Resources Information System Specialist at Interfor

Find out how Interfor used AppLearn’s digital adoption platform to achieve a 50% reduction in service tickets and training time, saving $150,000+ in pre- and post-go-live support.

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