Employees are spending 2.7 hours looking for support and 1.5 hours reading materials every week* because of disjointed, unintuitive software. Should employees have to spend twice as much time looking for support materials as they do actually consuming them?

*Stats revealed in AppLearn’s behavioral data

Report overview

Having been forced to take on a level of change and digital transformation that would otherwise have taken years to achieve, business practices have been altered forever. But as a result of such rapid decision making, and with IT spend only growing, business leaders need to look beyond their processes and ask: how are our employees managing this shift?

Through a YouGov survey of 2,000 application-using employees and analytics from a sample of 1 million AppLearn Adopt users, this report captures the employee voice and behaviors. It reveals the key opportunities to target across your organization and explores how the default digital experience is affecting your bottom line.

  • Discover the software pitfalls costing large US businesses 172,091 hours every year
  • Get analytical insight into the time and cost lost to context switching, navigation and support
  • Hear the employee view on their experience and frustration

The report also includes insight from Raju Vijay, Nissan’s Vice President of Global People Services. Vijay shares how Nissan listened to their people and worked with AppLearn to adapt their software and boost their employee experience, with lessons for likeminded businesses.

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