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The Digital Adoption Pulse Report

Exclusive SaaS technology research

We asked 500+ business leaders about their readiness, challenges and priorities when it comes to enterprise software.

This report not only reveals what they said, but the ways your business can get ahead.

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Assessing the readiness, challenges and priorities of enterprise software investments.

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What you'll discover:

1 – How ready 1000+ employee organizations think they are for true digital adoption

2 – The main barriers preventing global businesses from realizing their digital ambitions

3 – How leading enterprises measure the success of their software, and ways to do it better

4 – The key results and recommended actions you can apply to your organization today


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53% said their budget for software would increase in the next 12 months

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90%of organizations have difficulties measuring important business outcomes

Report Highlights

Based on our exclusive survey of 500+ executive-level decision-makers, this report explores the beliefs and priorities of business leaders when it comes to software.

For example, while 84% of respondents agreed that their employees understand the importance of software rollouts, culture change was revealed as a challenge. In fact, 38% told us that changing employee processes and habits was the biggest barrier to making a success of new technology.

Similar issues emerged within measurement. Despite 85% of organizations telling us they have KPIs for all or some of their applications, 90% have difficulties with measuring important business outcomes. This difficulty, as well as a worrying tendency for short-term measurement, highlights key areas for improvement.

The stats are only half the story. For the analysis of the results, as well as recommended actions for your organization, download the report today.