Digital adoption, made simple

Whether you know it or not, your software is causing avoidable costs, wasted time, and user frustrations.

AppLearn’s digital adoption platform combines in-app user support with user analytics for any application, to ensure that both your people and your software are able to work efficiently.

  • Easy to integrate and work with
  • Simple step-by-step guidance
  • Leading user adoption analytics
  • Use with an unlimited number of apps
  • No code or complexity

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Personalized support for any app

We give you workflow data & guidance to make your software work better

AppLearn’s in-app guidance gives you all you need to help your people, without overwhelming them or your admin team. You can use pop-ups to rapidly react to issues. You can put your existing materials into workflows. You can even target metrics like average task completion time.

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Predictive analytics for any process

Get meaningful data and insights for all your apps and tasks

Our category-leading analytics help you measure employee engagement with software from a single place. Even with no analytics experience, you can use this to get quick ROI-driving insights or review anonymized user journeys.

But finding and fixing your most time consuming or costly processes is only the start. With our dashboards, you can align your software metrics with your strategic objectives or initiatives. It’s never been easier to see if your apps are fulfilling both employee and business needs.


These aren’t just features. This is the future of work.

Our platform is designed to be easy to integrate and work with, as a browser extension or integrated directly into your software. It starts and stays simple, whether for 1,000 users of one app or 100,000 across a tech stack.

Every month, over 30m interactions with AppLearn are monitored and supported by our hypercare service. With our platform and partnership, you’ll see software success in no time.

  • Works with desktop & web apps
  • Enhances any project phase
  • Self-service functionality
  • Managed integration process
  • Enterprise-grade security
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