About AppLearn

The Digital Adoption Platform vendor making software work better for everyone

Our story

After seeing countless issues with application uptake and productivity, we were founded on the back of a question: “What if businesses could ensure their people got the most out of software?”

Since 2011, we’ve been building on this idea as pioneers of the digital adoption space. As a result, our in-app support, user analytics and approach are now proven to make software work easier to complete, analyze and optimize.

Today, market-leading companies in over 100 countries work with us to ensure their applications support more than 3,000,000 people and their business-critical goals.

Along the way, we’ve set the standard for what super-simple adoption looks like and how to measure it. We’ve also been backed by K1 Investment Management and NPIF – Maven. And the best thing is, we’re just getting started.

Our values

These principles for working the AppLearn way inform everything we do, from customer care to personal recognition.

Always Learning
Make it Happen
All for All
Zealous Approach
Ego at the Door

Our Digital Adoption Platform

Your all-in-one platform for effective apps & workflows

Applications are amazing. They look and work better than ever before, but they still aren’t working as well as they could. We created our digital adoption platform to change this and make software work better for everyone.

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Our approach

Applications are plug & play but business change is not

That’s why when you work with AppLearn you don’t just get a world-leading platform, you get our team’s digital adoption expertise and our complete commitment to your success, for any application at any project phase.

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