Our shared analytical expertise

Using data and insight to drive results

AppLearn Adopt’s industry-leading analytics already provided a comprehensive view of user engagement and adoption—and now they’re even stronger.

With cross-application visibility, experience mining and templated or tailored objectives and key results, you’ll have everything you need to turn usage insights into useful insights and stay ahead of your adoption challenges.

Like what you see?

Our platform is designed to be easy to setup and work with, as a browser extension or integrated directly into your software. It’s stays simple, whether for 1,000 users of one app or 100,000 across a tech stack.

  • Works with desktop & web apps
  • Enhances any project phase
  • Self-service functionality
  • Managed integration process
  • Enterprise-grade security

“Over the years, we’ve assembled a leading team of developers. With AppLearn’s infrastructure, experience and brand equity, we now have the foundations in place to lead the global market.”

Peter Simun, co-founder of YesElf,
now SVP of Innovation at AppLearn

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