Improve the user support experience

Today’s employees need to interact with an expanding list of cloud applications, many of which change regularly and become more complex. It’s inevitable that issues will arise, and when they do, a slow, disjointed and reactive support experience that breaks a user’s flow of work, impacting their satisfaction and killing productivity.

Adopt is proactive and ensures that user interactions with business applications are easy, fast and accurate. It transforms the support experience by using data and automation to detect, deploy and resolve issues before users are even aware of them.


Increase automated issue resolution

The Adopt support experience layer can resolve the majority of low-level technical issues without agent input. This creates an end state where support is available at the point of need, in a contextual and meaningful way, all without being intrusive. This drastically reduces unnecessary support calls and eliminates wait times altogether.

Adopt also learns over time to better anticipate each user’s needs with an increasing degree of accuracy, automatically building individual customer profiles to better understand their aptitude for technology and acceptance of self-help/self-service methods.

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No need for big software or hardware changes, Adopt simply layers on top of any application
to transform support experiences, reduce costs and increase productivity.