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This toolkit of essential content will show you a new way of creating the modern support experience to reduce tickets, reduce costs and create a consistent, integrated user experience.

Learn how to maximize your investment in ServiceNow and deliver a first-class support experience with three helpful assets:

  • IT support solutions brief
  • Adopt & ServiceNow video demo
  • Adopt & ServiceNow datasheet

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2) Adopt & ServiceNow video demo

Extend the power of ServiceNow

See how AppLearn allows you to extend the power of Knowledge and the Virtual Agent into all your business applications – saving users time and saving your business money.

Watch now and learn how with Adopt, you can extend the familiar help and support offered by ServiceNow to drive better business outcomes and enhance the employee experience.

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3) Adopt & ServiceNow datasheet

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By integrating with ServiceNow, digital adoption technology allows you to drive better business outcomes and enhance the employee experience.

  • Increase operational efficiency by providing dynamic help and support in the flow of work
  • Encourage and demonstrate an increase in self-service for IT cost reduction
  • Simplify organizational processes and increase data quality
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