Prudential success overview

Key outcomes

  • Saved 3,466 hours of user time on a single task in just 21 days
  • Improved task completion rate by 200%+ with in-app support
  • Drove a 50% time saving on core tasks
  • Enabled access to unique user experience data and insights

Adopt gave us one platform that allowed us to measure and drive adoption before, during and after launch.”

Kerri Kovac, VP Organization Effectiveness


The objective

At the time of planning, Prudential’s plan to transform its employee service experience was the only technology project to be rolled out globally in the company’s 148 years of existence. This meant that along with the critical goal of streamlining processes through digitalization and delivering efficiencies back into the business, it was doubly important to mitigate against the risks associated with change.

To meet these ambitions and standardize their outdated, inconsistent solutions, Prudential selected ServiceNow to deliver a consolidated front-end portal. This would then connect with other new tools for vertical functions, such as Workday® for HR. Taking this layered, phased approach was undoubtedly the right method, but it also added an extra dimension of change.

After realizing that user adoption was the key to both achieving their goals and avoiding the risks, Prudential identified two key challenges. The first was to ensure their 50,000+ users embraced the new tools and self-service approach across 60 global locations, and in different languages. The second was to demonstrate the technology was enabling their target operating model.

Despite having a comprehensive change plan in place, Prudential’s project team anticipated challenges in not only getting their global userbase to engage with the content and applications, but in measuring the associated value. It’s at this point that they reached out to AppLearn and, after evaluating multiple digital adoption platforms, chose AppLearn’s Adopt solution to solve these problems and shore up their project.

The solution

Establishing clear adoption objectives

From the beginning, AppLearn and Prudential agreed that establishing the appropriate short- and long-term measures of success was critical. Before even worrying about the functions of Prudential’s applications and supporting the users within them, AppLearn focused on the available data, how it connected and what metrics really mattered to Prudential’s target operating model.

After combining the unique adoption data made accessible by Adopt with platform and call tracking data, the team drilled into all the sources connected with the project and created Prudential’s objectives and key results (OKRs). With 10 OKRs and Adopt’s Advanced Analytics in place for launch, as well as the previously inaccessible in-app interactions being tracked by Adopt, Prudential is now able to see at a glance how its technology is enabling its vision and operating model.

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Supporting users at every stage

With measurement established, AppLearn distributed targeted enablement content to ensure Prudential’s worldwide userbase were equipped to embrace self-service. Delivered in line with existing change initiatives, both in and outside of application, this increased engagement and confirmed users’ readiness for change.

The next requirement was to make resources and intelligent help available in both the ServiceNow portal and the associated applications. Using AppLearn’s expertise, Prudential was able to identify high volume, high risk processes where users would benefit from tier zero support and insert necessary interventions using Adopt. Through step-by-step guidance for forms, side panel access to support materials and extending the features of ServiceNow into other applications, AppLearn removed the need for context switching, improved productivity and enabled a consistent experience for users.

The Outcomes

With AppLearn’s pre-go-live resources, in-app support, clear measures of success and Advanced Analytics, Prudential’s service experience transformation got off to the best possible start. As well as visibility on the thousands of in-app interactions that happen every day, Prudential can now see the % of employee, manager and HR audience groups who not only logged in, but actively sought out support through Adopt.

The day one results showed that 95% of people used Adopt on their first session, with 61% actively seeking support in-app. You could also see that the users who engaged with Adopt’s targeted enablement content were 150% more likely to successfully complete day one tasks. This level of performance wouldn’t be possible without the work done to measure and boost readiness for change before launch.

Users who engaged with targeted enablement content were 150% more likely to successfully complete tasks.

Adopt interactions not only improved general task completion rates by more than 200%, but drove a 50% time saving on core tasks within 21 days.

In the months that followed, the performance and level of insights continued to improve. AppLearn was able to demonstrate that Adopt interactions not only improved general task completion rates by more than 200%, but drove a 50% time saving on core tasks within just 21 days. In fact, for the high volume ‘Request Time Off’ task alone, 3,466 hours were saved over this period by reducing average completion time to just four minutes.

Today, Prudential can not only demonstrate the adoption and business value of its new applications, but access insights to support the ongoing demands of digital adoption. The two organizations are also working together on further recommendations and interventions to drive OKR behaviors and ensure the people service experience continues to provide the performance and visibility Prudential needs.

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