King's College success overview

Project scale: 

  • A top 10 UK university (2020) 
  • 8,500 employees 
  • New suite of digital services 

“I would challenge anyone to successfully implement a piece of technology without a Digital Adoption Platform.”

Sue Foster, Programme Director, Digital Services Transformation, King’s College London

The solution

In order to meet the goals of their digital transformation and hopes for communication, we helped King’s College London to implement Adopt’s Smart Pages module. Using this, they were able to swiftly target specific employees, or user groups that had to adopt the new technology for it to succeed, with engaging messaging delivered in the flow of work.

“The thing I love about the Adopt and digital adoption platform is the Smart Pages – they are amazing because you can target them directly at the people that you want to adopt your service.”

By approaching the project with communication, ensuring readiness and putting quality at the forefront, they were able to plan realistic, phased deadlines around this kind of activity. Combined with the Smart Pages module, this ensures their people are ready for the technology, rather than in the dark.

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The outcomes

The key work done at the pre-launch phase was acknowledging the people element of digital transformation. By using Adopt to incentivize individuals and support new behaviors, King’s College London motivated their people to be ready for change, and even embrace it.

In terms of project go-live and beyond, this focus will shift to the in-app experience. The tools within Adopt enable this positivity to continue, particularly in terms of Trails and Split Screen, while video from our in-house Create studio continue to be an important feature—ensuring the software is utilized to its full potential.

“Using Adopt helps us to create new habits and to get people using our new digital services and feel motivated to do it as well.”


Yet, the value of doing this wouldn’t be measurable without analytics. King’s College London will be using Adopt’s analytics to collect crucial adoption data on time in application and task efficiency, then leveraging this to intervene accordingly. Alongside ongoing performance, this ensures the plan put in place at the beginning of the project will lead to measurable, undisputable value.

“I would challenge anyone to successfully implement a piece of technology without a Digital Adoption Platform.”