HB Reavis success overview

Key outcomes

  • Zero support calls during onboarding of the new application
  • Employee confusion plummeted to almost zero within just four weeks

“After we integrated AppLearn Adopt we got almost zero support calls regarding the newly launched Power App application.”

Miloš Bušniak, SharePoint Specialist at HB Reavis

The objective

HB Reavis is a real estate developer with total assets of nearly €3bn across the development of new projects and management of existing portfolios. Founded in 1993 in Bratislava and currently active in across Europe and the UK, its parent company is based in Luxembourg.

As part of their ongoing investments into the employee experience, the business completely redesigned a critical internal application built in Microsoft Power Apps. During the transition process linked to the rollout, the HB Reavis team wanted to provide the smoothest possible onboarding experience for its 700 employees (especially since this was during the COVID pandemic) with minimal adoption time. Their specific aims were to:

  • Ensure employees could use the new application from day one without training
  • Reduce the level of confusion, application adoption time and task completion time
  • Minimize the number of support calls related to application usability

And it was with these goals in mind that they went looking for a solution and found our Adopt platform.

The solution

Using our digital adoption platform, our team designed a customized experience to help HB Reavis employees acclimatize to completing familiar tasks in an unfamiliar application.

We worked together to place user-friendly on-screen guidance exactly where it was need for first login and beyond. This mix of pop-up windows and field-level prompts walked people smoothly through the new application’s features and showed them how to use it without the need for prior training.

The guides are fully editable, meaning that the HB Reavis team can create or update them on their own in the future—whether doing so through user feedback or using insights from our analytics. Despite the in-app support being editable, the AppLearn team was available to provide support and encouragement to managers and application administrators.

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The outcomes

After completing our implementation and integration into Microsoft Power Apps in just a few days, we were able to make remote onboarding super simple.

On top of the employee guidance, our analytics meant managers at HB Reavis could see exactly how their people were adapting to the new tool and adjust accordingly. It also meant they were able to quantify the impact of our implementation and their new Power App application.

After introducing our digital adoption platform to their user onboarding, employee confusion at HB Reavis plummeted to almost zero within just four weeks. The guidance was accessed thousands of times by employees, totally replacing the need for support calls for the new software rollout.

With day-one adoption achieved, support calls prevented and metrics heading in the right direction, HB Reavis made software change look simple.