Improve the support experience for your external users

Business-to-business or business-to-consumer applications are always intended to make processes faster and easier for your external users. However, between managing change, uncovering challenges and relying on external support teams, user adoption, process efficiency and data quality are often hampered—decreasing customer satisfaction and limiting revenue growth.

By using Adopt to deliver personalized, in-application self-help, you can improve every step of your external user journeys. From initial onboarding to ongoing operation, our in-the-flow-of-work support maximizes customer satisfaction and productivity. This reduces the need for external users to contact support desks for assistance, and ensures you meet your SLAs, MTTR and CSAT targets.


Get unrivalled analytics and user behavior data

When your revenue and reputation are on the line, being able to clearly demonstrate the value of your software to your customers is invaluable. However, with many business-to-business applications, the in-built analytics functionality is often lacking, if included at all.

With Adopt’s analytics capabilities, you can access unique user experience data and real-time dashboards without rebuilding your software. By tracking in-app interactions and integrating third-party data, then measuring this against the intended objectives of your software, you and your customers can quickly get to the business outcomes and insights that boost performance and retention.

When customers are supported in the flow of work by Adopt, they are 2x more likely to complete tasks accurately first time, and do so 50% faster.

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Drive customer engagement and revenue in-application

Keeping external contacts up to date with your latest service and product updates is always a challenge. To provoke engagement and upsells with your customers, and to help them drive performance from their end-users, you need both targeted enablement content and certainty that it will be consumed.

Adopt ensures your communications are engaging and easy to access by delivering them inside your applications. This functionality means you will be able to ensure your customers are aware of your latest products and services, while also enabling them to push out content as required. With video support and consumption tracking, you can be sure your message has been received and boost your customer advocacy at every level.


Address customer issues before they happen

The Adopt support experience layer can resolve the majority of low-level technical issues without agent input. This creates an end state where support is available at the point of need, in a contextual and meaningful way, all without being intrusive. This drastically reduces unnecessary support calls and average reply/handle times, which is invaluable to you and your external users.

Adopt also learns over time to better anticipate each customer’s needs with an increasing degree of accuracy, automatically building individual profiles to better understand their aptitude for technology and acceptance of self-service methods.

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No need for big software or hardware changes, Adopt simply layers on top of existing applications
to transform support experiences, reduce costs and increase productivity.