Improve your employee support experience

Today’s employees need to interact with an expanding list of cloud applications, all of which are becoming more and more complex. It’s inevitable that issues will arise, and when they do, a slow, disjointed and reactive support experience that breaks employees’ flow of work will affect satisfaction and productivity.

Adopt’s in-app support ensures your support experience is rapid, proactive and contextual, boosting not only your employees’ experience and efficiency, but your MTTR, CSAT and NPS metrics.


Reduce the volume of support calls and tickets

There’s no bigger time sink than support calls for low-level tickets that could be easily avoided. Between staff turnover, application updates and business transformation, the speed of technology change has never been higher, and it’s getting harder to keep employees enabled. Adopt can make it easier.

By enabling an average 30% reduction in support cases through on-demand self-help support, Adopt can make communication problems, unnecessary escalations and wasted time a thing of the past.

When supported in the flow of work by Adopt, a user is 2x more likely to complete a task, and will do so 50% quicker

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Streamline and standardize your support journeys

An increasing number of applications and business processes makes getting support inefficient and inconsistent. Even the smoothest support operations involve lengthy user journeys to find the right document, portal or agent.

With Adopt, you can provide consistent in-app guidance in all your software, and deliver a 7 minute reduction in the time it takes an employee to seek support on average, when compared to a traditional journey. What would a faster, joined-up support experience mean for your business?


Boost engagement with self-service initiatives

All too often, an investment in self-help support doesn’t translate to the expected outcome. With a dependence on portals and resources found outside of the application itself, users often choose the shortcut of making a support call over the long journey of helping themselves.

Through in-app, on-demand delivery, Adopt enables a 75% higher consumption rate of support content. This is the power of getting your message across in the right place at the right time.

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No need for big software or hardware changes, Adopt simply layers on top of existing applications,
reducing the cost and effort of support, while improving efficiency and productivity.