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Sales Enablement

Spend less time on sales admin. Spend more time closing business.

Any time your salespeople are stuck in software, they are not moving deals forward. By bringing your sales toolkit, enablement docs and additional support into the tasks where they’re needed, our platform minimizes friction and maximizes sales function productivity.

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Reduce frustration and increase productivity

When salespeople aren’t working on deals, they aren’t working towards their primary goal. If software adds avoidable friction to this, it creates inefficiency and frustration at the individual and business level.

Our analytics and in-app guidance are a powerful way to spot user frustration points, provide in-app support and build fast, efficient workflows across multiple applications in your sales toolkit.

Centralize documentation and streamline workflows

In sales and in task completion, nothing kills momentum like unexpected diversions. Forcing a salesperson to context switch and search for support is a surefire way to stall progress.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly connect your sales applications, create a central location for your sales enablement documentation and deliver in-application support exactly when it is needed.


Improve data integrity and forecasting accuracy

Inaccurate lead or opportunity data is a problem. Inaccurate reporting and forecasting is an even bigger problem. Without the right data in place, salespeople struggle to be effective.

Our in-app guidance and contextual support ensures your sales teams have the tools and knowledge at hand to complete processes efficiently and enter data into your sales toolkit accurately.

These aren't just features. This is the future of work.

Our platform is designed to be easy to integrate and work with, as a browser extension or integrated directly into your sales software. It starts and stays simple, whether for a smaller sales function using one app or across a wider sales tech stack.

Every month, over 30 million software interactions are supported by our digital adoption platform. With our technology and expertise, you’ll see software success in no time.

  • Easy to integrate and work with
  • Simple step-by-step guidance
  • Leading user adoption analytics
  • Use with an unlimited number of apps
  • No code or complexity

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Here's what our customers have to say

“With Adopt, our business can now start to measure the value of the change effort and investment in CRM technology.”

“If we could have done anything differently in our project, we would have engaged with Adopt from the very start.” 

Mark Powell, ex-CRM Program Owner & Change Lead
at Cushman & Wakefield 

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Users supported by AppLearn are 2x more likely to complete tasks accurately first time, and do so 50% faster.

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