An AppLearn Adopt product use case

Reduce software support & training requests

Provide in-app guidance and raise awareness of software change

For any business using enterprise software, support tickets and ongoing training are familiar challenges. This is only amplified for a business rolling out new software and it can quickly result in overwhelmed IT teams, a support backlog and reduced productivity.

With Adopt’s Trails and Split Screen modules, you’ll be able to deflect support requests and protect productivity, by providing users with step-by-step guidance and relevant training materials while they are in the flow of work.

Alongside this, in and out-of-app communications delivered via the Smart Pages module will ensure you engage your workforce effectively and address common questions before they arise.


Tell your team about your project, before and after it launches

While Adopt enables better guidance and communication, our approach means we’re also able to produce all the assets and documents you need.

As a part of our digital adoption expertise, our in-house Create studio can produce content to help you raise awareness, excitement and understanding before, during or after your software launch. 

Popular assets to reduce support and training requests include:

  • Pre-launch messages from the business
  • On first use video explainers
  • Detailed tutorial PDFs

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