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Preempt process problems

Actionable insight

Fix adoption issues before they happen

Without the right tools in place to monitor the uptake of new software, it’s difficult to determine success. Efforts to improve software adoption are subsequently misplaced, as organizations are unable to pinpoint where users run into trouble.

Through monitoring how users interact with software, you can quickly identify where improvements are needed. Using this data to target your adoption efforts means you can confidently deploy guidance where it will have the greatest impact.



Powerful analytics

Monitor trends & preempt adoption pains

Maximizing software adoption can be challenging, especially when users face multiple sticking points. Users lose confidence, administrative burden increases and adoption rates begin to decline.

Stay one step ahead of adoption challenges with data to inform when and where sticking points might occur. Our powerful machine learning and analytics capabilities mean you can pre-empt adoption challenges and deploy the relevant support before issues occur.

How it works

AppLearn Adopt acts as an overlay to any browser-based enterprise application. The platforms are connected seamlessly via browser extension.

Our no-code solution means set up is quick and simple, so customers can begin tailoring the experience almost immediately; enhancing the user experience and improving software utilization across single and multi-application setups.

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“We use AppLearn’s analytics to see if we know our users as well as we think we do. It helps us to see things we’re not aware of and improve the content we deliver.”

Kayla Richardson | Senior Human Resources Information System Specialist at Interfor

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