An AppLearn Adopt product use case

Instill a self-service culture

Reduce the friction between your people and your technology

It’s natural for software projects to focus on technology. However, it’s also natural for people to question and resist change. If this is overlooked, and software projects aren’t supported by communication and guidance, it will lead to a clash that can prevent success.

With Adopt’s module suite, it’s never been easier to engage a workforce with a digital transformation project or an underachieving SaaS platform. By using a targeted mix of Smart Pages, Trails and Training Pages to communicate change, provide in-app guidance and make learning materials accessible on the go, you can help your users to self-serve in unfamiliar software without having to hold their hand at every stage.


Share communications and guidance to build advocacy, not apathy

During software transformation, communication can not only be the difference between an engaged or disengaged workforce, but whether or not you achieve self-service. In fact, we’ve found that users who engaged with content are three times more likely to complete recommended or compulsory self-service checks.

However, producing the content that can make this difference is just one part of our approach. By working through our Six Pillars of Digital Adoption, we’ll make sure you don’t miss any of the key factors needed to achieve a self-service culture and achieve adoption excellence.

People are hardwired to question change, but our people-first approach makes sure we never ignore this instinct.

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