An AppLearn Adopt product use case

Improve task efficiency

Prepare and guide your people, then measure and optimize their output

Behind all business software, there’s a task or process there to be streamlined. If this wasn’t the case, global organizations wouldn’t be spending trillions on platforms. Yet, in order to optimize task efficiency and achieve true digital adoption, communication, guidance and measurement all need to be considered—not just the technology itself.

Adopt’s Smart Pages, Trails and Advanced Analytics modules can push comms to users within your applications, help them to use unfamiliar software with step-by-step guidance and track organization-wide activity, as well as the business impact it’s having. This enables just-in-time interventions, continual optimization and certainty that your software will achieve its efficiency targets. In fact, Adopt’s modules regularly deliver an up to 50% increase in task efficiency.


Increase your productivity by reducing friction and removing doubt

With years of expertise and the Adopt platform, the AppLearn team are uniquely qualified to help organizations optimize their SaaS investments. The emphasis we place on putting people and business outcomes at the forefront is a key part of this.

By putting people first and providing tiered, in-app training materials and communications, we involve your workforce in the process instead of ignoring them—enabling digital adoption in a way that ignites interest and creates advocates.

Meanwhile, through technical partnership and working together to set meaningful measures of success, we align project outcomes with business outcomes. This ensures you can demonstrate task efficiency improvements, as well as what that means for your business.

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