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Improve engagement and productivity

Leading user analytics

Identify and fix adoption challenges

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Efforts to improve software adoption are often misplaced simply because it’s difficult to anticipate where users might run into trouble.

Adoption analytics deliver the insight you need to remove friction and drive adoption. Through closely monitoring user adoption, you can quickly identify sticking points within processes, and pinpoint where in-app support will have the greatest impact.


Targeted support

Support and guide users through complex tasks

Keeping your users engaged when completing complex workflows can be challenging. Lengthy processes often result in incorrect data input, skipped fields and increased user frustration.

By deploying in-app support and step-by-step guidance, you can provide a frustration-free experience for users; significantly reducing admin burden, churn rates and increasing overall task efficiency.

How it works

Our platform connects seamlessly with enterprise software via browser extension. Once installed, customers can begin to tailor the software experience to perfectly match requirements; immediately enhancing the user experience and improving software utilization across single and multi-application setups.

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“We were trying to drive a new culture, not just launch a new tool. AppLearn really helped with this.

“The experience in the LMS has been a major success. Other systems just don’t have this employee experience.”

George Lam | Senior Quality Training Effectiveness Analyst at Edwards Lifesciences

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