Optimize your digital service delivery

As GBS organizations speed up their move to end-to-end process delivery, it’s crucial that their technology does the same. But with research showing the average employee switches between 35 role-critical applications more than 1,100 times every day, there is still a long way to go. The Adopt digital adoption solution is designed to streamline and speed up this journey.

By embedding a consistent support experience and advanced analytics across your entire software suite, Adopt bridges the gaps between your apps. With one unified platform and centralized view of value metrics, you’ll be able to see the positive impact, identify cost takeout/avoidance opportunities and evidence real business value in as few as 90 days.


Improve user experience and effectiveness

With Adopt, you can embed step-by-step guidance and useful knowledge content into any of the applications in your business. This unified experience takes the tedium out of work and ensures people deliver more value in your applications, all by being able to access consistent, convenient help right where it is needed.

Acting as an assisted workflow tool, the Adopt experience follows users on their digital journey as they navigate from application to application in end-to-end processes. This allows employees to spend more time on the important tasks and less time escalating support issues, while increasing engagement with self-service initiatives.

When users are supported in the flow of work by Adopt, they are 2x more likely to complete tasks accurately first time, and do so 50% faster.

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Get unprecedented visibility, even into fragmented journeys

With Adopt’s analytics, you gain instant access to unique user experience data and real-time dashboards across all your end-to-end processes. Our unrivalled combination of joined-up reporting and business value metrics cut through the noise to focus on value measures across the end-to-end processes in your organization.

Our focused dashboards also highlight problem areas and trends, with journey mapping and task mining enabling the GBS to predict and prevent issues through actionable data intelligence—reducing costs and cutting tickets before they happen.


Bridge the gaps between your apps

As GBS becomes more digital, employees are exposed to more UIs, each with a disparate support solution and disjointed set of analytics. In today’s GBS, a link between digital apps is increasingly vital. As the essential overlay to your critical applications, Adopt accelerates the success of digital service delivery and helps you to reach your target operating model sooner.

Adopt embeds a consistent experience layer and measurement system across all digital interactions, and lets GBS teams manage this from one single platform. This brings certainty to success of end-to-end journeys across all applications, with quantifiable efficiency gains in MTTR, data accuracy, quality and self-service.

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No need for big software or hardware changes, Adopt is simply embedded into applications to
save costs, increase productivity and enhance the user experience.