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User analytics

Insight that drives improvement

Without an understanding of how users are interacting with technology, it’s difficult to identify and fix adoption challenges. What’s more, without this knowledge, organizations are unable to define and track software success.

User analytics provide the insight you need to quickly identify sticking points within current processes. With user analytics, you can fix adoption challenges through deploying in-app guidance and support where problems typically occur.


On-demand support

Support delivered in the right place

The ever-increasing introduction of new software and digital processes can be overwhelming, resulting in a disparate user journey and increased administrative burden.

Guidance delivered in the right place at the right time significantly reduces software friction; seamlessly guiding users through multi-app journeys and ensuring they have the content they need to be successful.

How it works

Our platform connects seamlessly with enterprise software via browser extension. Once installed, customers can begin to tailor the software experience to perfectly match requirements; immediately enhancing the user experience and improving software utilization across single and multi-application setups.

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“AppLearn have enhanced our software in a way I haven’t seen in any other organization.”

Mayur Odedra | Systems Manager at King’s College London

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