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Evidence adoption & business outcomes

Prove your software is useful and successful with unrivalled data

A high percentage of initial user log-ins isn’t the same as true digital adoption, and shouldn’t be counted as a success. After all, just because an application is being used, it doesn’t mean it’s being useful. This kind of assumption leads to missed opportunities and can see projects not make the most of software’s potential.

The Adopt platform’s unrivalled analytics can help you to optimize and evidence both usage and usefulness, opening up new data at end-user and boardroom level. Together, Core Analytics’ out-of-the-box data and Advanced Analytics’ customized integrations can be used to continually ensure organization-wide adoption, as well as the cost savings and productivity gains that drive businesses forward.


Our outcome focus will remove the doubt from your digital adoption

Proving software value has traditionally been a numbers game. The higher the usage, the better the return. But what if usage alone isn’t an accurate sign of value?

Through ongoing technical advice and working together to set meaningful measures of success, we work with all our customers to align project outcomes with business outcomes. This means you can not only report on accurate software usage information, but evidence cost and productivity gains instead of just assuming them.

Proving software value is still a numbers game. We’ll just get you to the numbers that matter.

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