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In-app support & guidance

Increase adoption and ensure software success

The success of new software ultimately boils down to user adoption. If new software isn’t introduced correctly, with structured communication and training, it can leave users feeling frustrated and searching for answers.

In-app guidance and support delivered in the flow of work helps users quickly learn and adapt to new technologies; increasing uptake and ensuring adoption success.


Step-by-step tours

Support users and maximize adoption

As we continue to move towards a more digital way of working, employees are being asked to get to grips with multiple, disconnected applications. The result, an increasingly complex digital experience that is impacting software uptake.

In-app tours help educate and inform users when introducing new software or software processes; accelerating product knowledge and maximizing adoption.

How it works

AppLearn Adopt acts as an overlay to any browser-based enterprise application. The platforms are connected seamlessly via browser extension.

Our no-code solution means set up is quick and simple, so customers can begin tailoring the experience almost immediately; enhancing the user experience and improving software utilization across single and multi-application setups.

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“The ability to give a consistent support experience to the end user and to push messaging as and when they come to tasks is extremely powerful, as users don’t get bombarded with unnecessary communications, but actually get the support as and when they need it.”

Mark Powell | CRM Program Owner & Change Lead at Cushman & Wakefield 

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