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The nature of enterprise software brings with it frequent updates and new feature releases. Communicating these updates to users and encouraging adoption can be an on-going challenge.

On-demand content and pop-up communications guide your users to value faster, helping build application knowledge, and ensuring your business gets the most out of its software investments.


Support & guidance

Increase workforce productivity

The frequent introduction of new software and UI updates to optimize business processes can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of. It’s not uncommon for users to accidently skip a step within a process, or skip a process all together.

The introduction of in-app support and guidance removes these uncertainties, helping users complete tasks correctly, and in record time.

How it works

AppLearn Adopt acts as an overlay to any browser-based enterprise application. The platforms are connected seamlessly via browser extension.

Our no-code solution means set up is quick and simple, so customers can begin tailoring the experience almost immediately; enhancing the user experience and improving software utilization across single and multi-application setups.

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“Adopt means my team spend less time on support and more time testing features, implementing products and improving the employee experience.”

Kayla Richardson | Senior Human Resources Information System Specialist at Interfor

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