Increase user uptake and drive productivity

For your ambitions to succeed you need your people to use your applications of choice, and use them well. However, it isn’t as simple as just releasing the latest software and waiting for the results. To prevent your users falling back on old processes or not logging in at all, they need to be informed and effectively introduced to your new way of working.

This is where Adopt comes in. Through personalized in-app communications and guidance, our digital adoption platform makes user complaints about tasks taking too long and low satisfaction scores a thing of the past.


Simplify onboarding and ongoing training

It is typically difficult and expensive to deliver effective training for new applications—particularly when the training has to be tailored to the range of roles and geographical regions found within enterprise businesses. And even when good resources are housed in a shared area, users have to break their flow of work to access them, if they can find them at all.

By adding a split screen layer to any software, Adopt brings all your support materials right where your users need them. And with unrivalled analytics, you’ll know which training or change communications are working and where more interventions are required.

Users are 9x more likely to avoid or resolve issues on their own when self-help is offered in the flow of work by Adopt.

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Support your users when and where they need it

When your users get stuck or hit a technical issue, their productivity and satisfaction suffer while they raise a ticket and wait for a resolution. Wouldn’t it be better, for you and your users, if they could access contextual support at the point of need?

Adopt makes help easy to access, delivering rapid resolutions in the flow of work, so users don’t have to think about support, it’s simply there when they need it. This drastically reduces unnecessary support calls and eliminates wait times altogether, reducing the associated costs of supporting your applications.


Ensure data quality and integrity

Even once applications are being used effectively, confusion or human error can still cause users to input inaccurate or insufficient data. This not only leads to avoidable time spent correcting completed tasks, either by the user themselves or by managers and support desks, but can actually mislead crucial business decisions.

With the step-by-step guidance provided by Adopt, your users and your business can proceed with confidence from day one. This not only pays off in terms of successful task completions, but increased user advocacy and the realization of expected business outcomes.

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No need for big software or hardware changes, Adopt simply layers on top of existing applications,
to unlock your software’s full potential and help you realize your vision.