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Accelerate user onboarding

Effective communication

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With more and more businesses moving towards hybrid and remote working models, the need to deliver a personalized and user-friendly digital onboarding experience is increasing.

Welcome new users with personalized messages and deliver digital experiences that are unique to them, no matter their role, department, language or location.


In-app guidance

Help build application knowledge

If software isn’t implemented correctly – with the right ongoing communication, training and support – it can leave users frustrated and searching for answers.

In-app guidance and interactive tours help new users build application knowledge and execute processes quickly; removing frustration and providing an overall better digital experience.

How it works

Our platform connects seamlessly with enterprise software via browser extension. Once installed, customers can begin to tailor the software experience to perfectly match requirements; immediately enhancing the user experience and improving software utilization across single and multi-application setups.

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“AppLearn’s platform lets us put self-help training materials in SuccessFactors and get data on how our employees are using it.”

Willy Holdahl | Global Head of Change Management – HR at GKN Aerospace

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Accelerate user onboarding

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