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Creating a New End State for Digital Support Experiences

To help you get the most out of the keynote and panel, featuring guests Forrester and ServiceNow, we’ve answered some of the common questions about our session and the topics it will cover.

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Who is Charles Betz?​

Charles Betz is Forrester’s lead DevOps analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals globally. He also covers Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and the transformation of “traditional” IT operations organizations into next-generation digital service organizations.

As a principal analyst, he authored the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Service Management, where he placed ServiceNow as a leader in 2019​. Charles has an unrivalled perspective on the ESM market and has advised end-user customers on their own projects or potential projects​, including ServiceNow implementations.

What will be covered in the session?​

This hour-long broadcast will be split into two parts. It will start with a keynote from Charles Betz and end with a panel discussion, where Charles will be joined by ServiceNow’s Bruce Randall, as well as Andrew Barlow and James Maude from AppLearn.

Charles’ keynote will cover:​

  • The growth of ESM
  • How ESM practices and principles have the potential to fundamentally change the support experience for an entire workforce​
  • Why ESM is critical for supporting Knowledge Workers​

The panel discussion​ will then cover:

  • A short overview of the joint AppLearn & ServiceNow value proposition​
  • The role of digital adoption within ESM​
  • How organizations can create the ultimate digital support experience layer by extending the power of ServiceNow into all business applications ​
  • What the ultimate employee support experience looks like
  • Where to start when transitioning from ITSM to ESM​
  • How to measure success and the important metrics for ESM

How do AppLearn work with ServiceNow?

As digital adoption pioneers, our expertise and AppLearn Adopt platform enable global organizations to maximize their software investments. Now, thanks to a unique technology partnership with ServiceNow, enhanced features unlock true digital adoption.

Adopt improves the employee service experience by extending the familiar help and support offered by ServiceNow to all applications in your organizational portfolio.

Find out more on our ServiceNow page.

What is Enterprise Service Management?

Simply put, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the ability to support any department of a business that provides a service within one application.

ESM emerged from the IT Service Management (ITSM) market in the past few years and is the use of ITSM capabilities by other parts of the organization – like HR, Facilities, Customer Service or Finance – to improve service, performance, and outcomes​.

According to ServiceNow, ESM “started as a quick fix for other business functions that needed a tool to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. It was a lift-and-drop of the corporate ITSM tool from the IT organization into another business function—for example, human resources. Not only did this improve the other business function’s performance, it also offered significant financial benefits to the parent organization.”

What is Digital Adoption?

In its simplest form, digital adoption is about helping people to use and embrace technology.

Typically used in relation to business software, this definition can be expanded to include internal teams, external customers or entire companies. But whether used on a personal or organizational level, digital adoption efforts will always be focused on improving the engagement, experience, efficiency and effectiveness of digital tools, workflows and mindsets.

It’s a common misconception for digital adoption to be linked to measurements like the number of users accessing a system, or for it to be seen as a one-off achievement. However, digital adoption is not concerned only with the availability or apparent usage of technology. Instead, it is focused on improving the ongoing relationship people have with technology and ensuring tools are used well, in a timely fashion to achieve expected outcomes.

Done well, digital adoption not only enables and maintains these goals, but provides measurable benefits, from improved productivity and satisfaction to reduced support costs and time to value. While the use of a digital adoption platform like AppLearn Adopt is necessary to make sure of and measure success, digital adoption is a people problem and, like people, it should be supported inside and outside of technology.

You can visit our approach page for more on how AppLearn enable Adoption Excellence.

What is ‘in the flow of work’ support?

In the flow of work support is the practice of providing users with the help they need when and where they need it.

Rather than having to rely on external resources, such as a support desk or shared portal, in the flow of work support is found within the application itself. Whether in the form of step-by-step guidance or quick and easy access to content resources, it is designed to improve productivity and deflect avoidable support tickets.

Providing users with this level of support is a key part of the Adopt digital adoption platform, which you can find out more about here.

Still need more reasons to watch?

  • Hear from an independent expert on how you should be thinking about Enterprise Service Management and not just IT Service Management​
  • Hear anecdotes and best practices from successful ServiceNow customer stories​
  • Learn about the critical role that AppLearn can play in extending the support experience​
  • Learn the key metrics, how to measure them and how to identify gaps in measurement