In the current climate, we wanted to send a message of reassurance to all AppLearn customers. COVID-19 is moving quickly and is impacting individuals, families, communities, and businesses around the world. Our main concern is, of course, the health implication to our employees and their families, our customers and suppliers. Our thoughts are with those already affected.

We are aware that with the increase in remote working related to COVID-19, Adopt and AppLearn’s service play a critical role in ensuring continuous productivity and efficiency. We have implemented several additional measures to ensure our services remain uninterrupted through this crisis and that your experience is positive.

All colleagues at AppLearn are following Government guidelines in their location. To this end, we are ensuring:

  • Self-isolation is encouraged following Government advice
  • We have moved to a remote working model and have the necessary tools to continue working as part of our standard working practice
  • All unnecessary travel has been suspended
  • Staff are regularly updated

Service continuity is built into our technology and we will ensure this is maintained by focusing on:

  • Resilient infrastructure – we use highly reliable cloud-based infrastructure and deliver our content using redundant content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • All system monitoring for our best-in-class SaaS platform can be conducted remotely
  • Our product development can continue remotely following best practice Agile techniques

Recommended actions for AppLearn customers

At this time when HR departments are experiencing strain, AppLearn Adopt can be utilized to help your end users quickly navigate areas of the application that they may need to use for sickness and absence, working from home or parental leave processes that they require support with.

  • Trails can be used to guide users through areas of the system that they may not have used before.
  • Smart Pages can be used as communication aids to tell users about new policies
  • Split Screen can provide in-app detailed information and guidance
  • Minimize user time in-app and maximize positive user experiences by having robust information ready and deployed through Adopt

If you need any assistance in enabling additional features within Adopt please contact

If you have any other queries or concerns about the impact of COVID-19 please email