AppLearn Adopt Winter Release

The key updates from the AppLearn Adopt 2021 Winter Release, including Tooltips and Field Validation.

Tooltips and Field Validation

Tooltips provides dynamic support within your application, so you can quickly and easily communicate with your workforce as they navigate.

As part of the Adopt platform, Tooltips lets you proactively call out important things within the application via handy messages, giving you the flexibility to offer helpful pointers directly when needed.

Apply to any field, button or element on a page and when users interact, the Tooltip displays the context or key information right when and where it is needed. You can use this to:

  • Highlight and explain new elements on a page to drive user engagement
  • Provide contextual support that helps users understand what they need to input for better quality data and fewer support queries
  • Validate user input and warn them if they have entered the wrong data to reduce errors and rework

Tooltips are customizable to suit your business needs and can be tailored to a user’s role, language and location. The position and appearance of a Tooltip can also be configured to match or contrast the supported application.

When a Tooltip is targeting a text input field, the option to perform Field Validation is available in the configuration options. This validation can be against one of Adopt’s out the box rules such as minimum/maximum character length or valid email address, but it can also include a custom rule using regular expressions.

Validation occurs when the user has completed their input and will highlight the field and display a validation message set by the administrator if validation fails. Field Validation is designed to warn the user of their mistakes and will not block them from completing other tasks on the page.

Element Picker

To support administrators in configuring Tooltips and Self Service Trails we have launched an updated element picker tool. This browser extension allows administrators to visually select elements by highlighting them with a blue overlay from a vendor system without needing to understand code. The selected elements can then be used to configure Tooltips or Trails steps to provide guidance and support.

Links to the element picker extension and full documentation are available on the Adopt Knowledgebase.

Smart Pages Enhancements

With the increased use of Smart Pages as a key business communication tool in 2020, we have continued to work with our clients on updates and improvements to the Smart Page builder. In the winter release these updates include:

  • New choice of web safe fonts
  • Font sizing
  • Font color
  • Text formation options including justification, styles and bullet points
  • Background color
  • Updated templates to support full size background images
  • Body opacity
  • Improved image positioning and scaling

We have also added a duplicate button to the Smart Pages list view to easily clone Smart Pages or reuse existing templates and custom configurations.


The winter release also includes a host of updates to our analytics, both in terms of performance and new features.

OKR dashboard

  • Performance improvements to deal with more complex data queries
  • Refreshed view to track insights into overall and month-on-month performance at a glance
  • OKR Performance vs Adopt Usage chart allows you to see how increased usage of Adopt affects performance

Journey Explorer

  • Added a new visual with simplified nodes that highlights key journey paths
  • Easier to navigate, expanding nodes now automatically rebuild the graph
  • New journey modelling automatically reduces volume of nodes to highlight key user journey paths
  • Nodes and connections now scale to show page visits and distributions of user traffic
  • Multi-application support with color-coded nodes to highlight different applications

Experience Mining

We’ve also added a new experience overview dashboard with trend analysis, that allows you to quickly identify problem areas and drill into individual tasks.

The Detailed Task performance view with task profiling allows you to identify what the major causes of poor experience within applications are, using multiple criteria such as language, location and other business attributes.


For more information on any of these updates, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your customer success representative or request a demo of Adopt today.

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Article by

Daniel Gripton

Article by

Daniel Gripton