AppLearn Adopt Summer Release

The key releases and updates from the AppLearn Adopt 2020 Summer Release.

Trails: Advanced Triggers

This update to Trails includes many improvements based on client feedback. For example, Trails can now be navigated using multiple navigation triggers including:

  • Selecting a trail step from the panel
  • Using navigation arrows
  • Clicking on an element that is part of a Trail

Smart Pages: Builder

Following the release of Smart Page Builder in the Spring release we have taken in a lot of feedback and added:

  • Ability to launch Trails or open Split Screen from an button action
  • Ability to add up to 4 action buttons on a Smart Page
  • A new Video template
  • Management enhancements to make it easier to create, edit and delete Smart Pages

Split Screen: Content Pop

We have now added Content Pop to Split Screen. This adds the ability to open a PDF document in a new browser tab from the Split Screen PDF viewer or from the Split Screen playlist preview.

This allows users to free up screen real estate on lower resolution displays or when the vendor system UI requires full screen.

Advanced Analytics

By applying machine learning models to Adopt data combined with 3rd party vendor data, our Advanced Analytics helps organizations understand their adoption journey, align outcomes to business OKRs and drive continuous improvement. The key updates and new dashboards in Advanced Analytics are:

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Dashboard

Understand your adoption journey and align to defined business objective by measuring the key results using our powerful OKR dashboards.

The dashboard’s objectives combine AppLearn’s years of Digital Adoption experience with client feedback and machine learning models, to derive the insight organizations need into the success of their software and digital transformation projects.

This means you can track month by month performance against your organization’s key adoption results, whether these are from our established list or you request new measures.

OKR Influencers

From within the OKR dashboard you can now drill into specific OKRs to gain insight into what factors influence positive or negative outcomes. This insight can then be used to drive targeted interventions that drives your business towards your objectives.

Journey Explorer (Limited release)

With Journey Explorer, you can gain insight into the path your users take as they navigate Adopt supported applications. This can not only help you to discover problems in user flows, but understand how users find their way into a process through journey maps.

Task Mining (Limited release)

Our new Task Mining feature can be used to gain insight into the tasks conducted by your users within your applications by tracking activity, duration and support used around each detected task.

Core Analytics

There have been a number of performance, data and GUI enhancements within Core Analytics. These updates help organizations to look into more data points across their systems and provide easier ways to identify areas for improvement.

We have now opened up Core Analytics to track more activity across applications beyond where Adopt is targeted. This means organizations can see the bigger digital adoption picture and identify opportunities for improvement, as well as identify unsupported processes and problem groups.

Trails Dashboard Update

Following client and partner feedback we have updated the Trails dashboard to give more insight into groups of multilingual trails and provide better understanding of user engagement levels.

Universal Extension

A new improved browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge that will improve the delivery process and allow clients to easily upgrade to multiple vendor applications.


AppLearn customers can head to the Adopt Knowledgebase to see the full release notes and check our season release schedule.

If you require assistance with this, or would like to ensure you are getting the most out of Adopt in the current climate, contact Katy Batley, Head of Customer Success, at [email protected].

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Article by

Daniel Gripton

Article by

Daniel Gripton