Masterclass summary

To succeed in the future of work, having the right information and knowing what to do with it is just as important as having the right technology.

In this session, Kerri Kovac, VP of Organization Effectiveness at Prudential, pulls back the curtain on the strategic approach behind her transformation success and discusses the organization’s secret enabler: adoption data.

Together with Andrew Barlow, AppLearn’s VP of Advocacy and Innovation, they will focus on:

  • Prudential’s data-driven approach to employee service experiences
  • How and when to define objectives and key results for software
  • Using data to measure and maximize performance
  • The importance of combining and centralizing data sources
  • Applying insights to inform their ServiceNow experience

With real-life examples of how strategy and data have enabled excellent results in a multi-app, multi-national project, this isn’t a session you will want to miss.

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While we work on a new date, download the pdf to get the secrets behind their digital adoption success.

Find out how Prudential saved 3,466 hours of user time on a single task in just 21 days and improved task completion rates by 200%+.

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Special guest

Kerri Kovac
VP, Organization Effectiveness

As an accomplished transformation leader, Kerri has built organization and talent strategies that overcome the constant challenges in today’s uncertain marketplace. With 20+ years of experience, her expertise is aligning an organization’s talent with its strategic goals and vision.


Your host

Andrew Barlow
VP, Innovation and Advocacy

Andrew co-founded AppLearn and is focused on improving the relationship between people and technology. Day-to-day he shares the gold standard of digital adoption with world-renowned brands and demonstrates how Adopt helps to drive better business outcomes.