Session summary

2021 is set to be an unknowable, unpredictable year. But despite the uncertainty in every direction, service delivery functions can have confidence in their short- and long-term success simply by focusing on the right areas and by controlling what they can.

In this session Prashant Arora shares practical advice on how organizations should be solidifying their service functions, including the key areas to focus on and what to do about them. As an AppLearn customer, he’ll also touches on how our Adopt platform supports these goals.

In conversation with James Maude, Product Strategy Lead at AppLearn, Prashant shares:

  • Insights into RB’s IT Operations’ digitalization strategy
  • The importance and implications of modern service delivery
  • Why a consumer-grade experience is critical and how to deliver it
  • The benefits of a data-driven service management strategy
  • RB’s reasons for rolling out a digital adoption platform

With time-tested advice on how to run superior service delivery and insights into RB’s automation, accessibility and analytics strategies to build next-gen IT operations, this session promises to help you succeed in 2021 and beyond.

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Learn from the insights of a world-leading expert and solidify your service delivery in 2021.

Special guest

Prashant Arora
Head – Global Service Experience & Automations

Prashant is experienced in leading complex digital transformations, outsourcing/co-sourcing and managing IT service at a global scale. He is an advocate of user experience and cognitive service management, and is currently transforming the existing digitization practices to have data-driven, automation-led IT operations for elevated experience, service stability and sustainable cost reduction within RB.


Your host

James Maude
Product Strategy Lead

James is a skilled product innovator who has played a key role in several successful applications. He believes software should do more to help the people who move businesses forward and wants to make the digital workplace as frictionless as possible. With a background in cybersecurity and forensic computing, he leads the direction of the Adopt platform with a natural curiosity and attention to detail.