Session summary

Using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to support a single application is invaluable, but with extra data, consistency, and productivity up for grabs, why aren’t more organizations taking their DAP multi-app?

Hosted by James Maude, this webinar highlights the growing importance of DAPs and how their success is only multiplied by taking a multi-app, operational approach.

Joined by Mark Powell, Technology Change & Adoption Consultant at Merchant House Services, they tackle the traditional DAP setup, moving the platform from product to process and driving value across the business.

Through Mark’s first-hand experience and best practice insights, the discussion will offer guidance on the optimum approach for getting started with and making a success of DAPs when multiple apps and people are (or could be) involved.

During the one-hour session you will:

  • Learn how to get started with multi-app adoption
  • Get advice on identifying the apps and stakeholders to target
  • Discover why more apps equal more value from a DAP
  • Learn how to elevate digital adoption to the operational level
  • See how our Adopt platform works across multiple applications

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Learn how to make a success of a multi-app DAP rollout from an expert in the field.

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Fixing the disparate support experience

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