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What would you achieve if you could remove the guesswork from software value? How could insights into productivity and ways to optimize it impact your bottom line? New research from Everest Group shows this is exactly what digital adoption analytics make possible.

In this session, Andrew Avanessian, CEO at AppLearn, is joined by guest speaker Sharath Hari, Practice Director at Everest Group, to share the key findings from their research: Understanding Digital Adoption Analytics: The key to optimizing workflows and software value.

Sharath explains why analytics should be the guiding star of digital adoption and what organizations should do next. Mike Cuthbert, our Head of Analytics & AI, and Matt Sturman, Senior Technical Consultant, also join to show how our product can optimize your user journeys and share more on AppLearn’s approach to analytics. During the session you will:

  • Find out how to remove the guesswork from your software
  • Get an intro to digital adoption analytics’ features & benefits
  • Learn about the recommended frameworks & stakeholders
  • See AppLearn’s analytics dashboards in action
  • Learn how Nissan applied this to optimize workflows

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"Positive results can be increased significantly with DAP analytics. It is extremely useful as enterprises can really see and get insights on user behavior, how are they using the software and how and where to optimize."

Sharath Hari in Everest’s Understanding Digital Adoption Analytics report

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Get the independent analyst view on the role of analytics and why it is at the heart of digital adoption, with a series of action points for your business to take. Also includes a case study from Nissan, detailing how AppLearn’s DAP has boosted their employee experience, overall platform adoption and business process quality.

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