On-Premise vs. Cloud, What's Changed?

In this episode of The AppLearn Podcast, Soumysanto Sen, HR Tech, Transformation & People Analytics Leader, joined us to discuss the difference between on-premise and cloud HR technologies, what are the benefits, how have things changed, what do organizations need to do?

Soumyasanto Sen - Short 02

There’s often a question is the current process really fulfilling our needs? In most cases no.


Soumyasanto Sen - Short 03

The fourth industrial revolution is focused on digital, improving process performance...


Soumyasanto Sen - Short 04

Transformation is the critical word we’re asking organizations to truly transform...


Soumyasanto Sen - Short 05

Organizations think buying a new technology is transformation...


Soumyasanto Sen - Short 06

Things are changing fast, you can’t rely on long-term plans...

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