Podcast overview

Talent attraction and retention, hybrid working, the employee value proposition, and better adoption of HR technologies are just some of the top priority items for HR leaders right now.

In this podcast, we discuss how using emerging technology to do the ‘smaller’ things right—such as onboarding, training, tech stack consolidation, and the digital employee experience—can have a significant impact on those wider priorities, and why HR leaders should not ignore them.

Joining Chris Horton, CEO at LACE Partners, we also explore how employee insights and software usage analytics can help HR teams make better and more impactful decisions as we continue to navigate an uncertain economic climate.

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Guest speaker

Dave Carling
Solutions Consultant

Guest speaker

Chris Horton
Lace Partners

“People leaders are coming to us and saying how crucial talent attraction and retention is. Hybrid working is locked in and has naturally driven a shift towards the digitization of many processes, whether that’s onboarding, training or knowledge sharing. But how do you know if these processes are effective? How do you know if they are sufficient in supporting your employees? Well that’s where data comes in.”

Dave Carling, Solutions Consultant at AppLearn