Inform and empower your workforce wherever they are located

With the changing landscape in light of COVID-19, organizations need to be smarter and more agile than ever before. For many, the growing need for home working presents new challenges to ensuring sustained business continuity and employee productivity.

By taking inspiration from the Manchester worker bee, AppLearn is assisting global businesses in mobilizing their remote workforce, working together to improve user communications and enabling users to be productive while minimizing impact.

Adopt Remote allows organizations to quickly spin up a global portal environment and analyze content use to pinpoint areas of need. By combining carefully selected modules from the full AppLearn Adopt digital adoption solution, you gain a simple and central communication portal for your remote workforce to encourage self-service support.

In combining key modules of AppLearn Adopt, you can quickly deliver updates, training content and key documents to your workers no matter where they are located or what device they use.

Adopt Remote includes:

Training Pages: Provide a central support portal for all your learning materials, accelerating organization-wide training and allowing skill readiness to be measured based on tracked activity.

Content Cloud: Store, manage and share all your support content in one place, with simple upload, search and tagging functions enabling the automated delivery of the right content at the right time.

Core Analytics: Learn about your users’ behavior and measure adoption successes through a series of centralized data dashboards, helping you to identify adoption issues and intervene accordingly. Use Ask Adopt to query the data using natural language searches.

Easily communicate with your entire workforce, wherever they are

The Adopt Training Pages module provides you with a global portal where users can access information in easy to consume playlists. These are available to the entire workforce no matter where they are or what device they use. With user groups you can deliver critical information to targeted user groups with filters for language, role and location. This ensures the right people have the right information wherever they are and no matter what device they use.

Understand what content users are accessing and how they access it with Core Analytics

With Core Analytics included as standard, you can measure user interaction. Easily identify which content users need the most and uncover key user interactions to identify what communications are the most effective and where users need additional help resources. Our AI-driven Ask Adopt feature harnesses advanced natural language processing, allowing you to query data in real time just by asking simple questions.

Your content delivered globally

Create and upload communications and support content to the Adopt Content Cloud where content can be easily managed and tagged for different user groups. Our high-performance solution allows you to deploy and serve content to a global workforce rapidly, ensuring your users are always able to access critical information regardless of where they are located. You can also choose to bolt on content services from Adopt, for videos and user guides accessed via your portal.

About AppLearn

AppLearn is a pioneering digital adoption company that aligns technology and people to bring certainty to enterprise software investments. To realize and keep up with the potential presented by SaaS, we believe businesses need sustainable surety on the outcomes of their software investments, and this can only come from adoption excellence.

At AppLearn, we have made it our mission to create this standard and bring certainty to the success of enterprise software. Together, our data-powered digital adoption solution, unrivalled analytics and people-first approach ensure cloud-based software achieves and exceeds expected business outcomes.

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