The problem

An international data center provider contacted AppLearn after noticing a high volume of support tickets linked to their Workday® platform. Following an initial review of user activity and task completion times using Adopt’s Advanced Analytics, we were able to define and target the primary cause of the deflectable tickets—a lack of engagement with the tool and their self-service help portal.

Further analysis revealed that the complexity and context switching linked to using their traditional portal was a crucial factor. Alongside this, new employees joining without training and updates to the Workday® interface had created a knowledge gap. To reduce both the tickets and associated costs, it was vital to not only fill this gap, but for self-service to stick.

Key results

$250,000 in annual cost savings
27% reduction in support tickets
70% more engagement with self-service support

The solution

The key to removing both the avoidable tickets and the underlying problems was to bring personalized support into the flow of work. Using Adopt, we placed support content, communications and step-by-step task guidance into their Workday® platform. This enabled and promoted self-service solutions for all high-volume tickets, without requiring users to search for help outside of the platform. With content supporting software updates and new hires able to train themselves within the platform, we allowed their people to focus on the work and tickets that really matter.

After 12 months, Adopt’s digital experience layer contributed to both a 27% reduction in support tickets and a 70% improvement in engagement with self-service support. They also retired their traditional help portal and restructured their support team to be more proactive. Along with the considerable improvements to employee satisfaction and productivity, by no longer completing tasks that should be self-served, they also achieved an annual cost saving of $250,000.

Having similar issues with or concerns about support tickets?

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