The problem

A global bank’s software division approached AppLearn after experiencing difficulties with inaccurate data being submitted by customers using their B2B banking systems. While their business banking application was easy to navigate for their customers, and task completions were tracking at a good level, many incorrect submissions across their userbase created several issues with customer satisfaction and sustained adoption.

However, the impact wasn’t just on the customer side. This inaccurate data caused an increase in tickets associated with their software, which led to avoidable impacts on both the bank’s SLAs and associated revenue. This meant the bank’s internal teams also had to spend unnecessary time on rework that could be prevented. Rather than go on reviewing every transaction, then flagging and chasing those that needed it, the bank decided to resolve accuracy issues proactively with AppLearn Adopt.

Key results

$800k in annual cost savings
210% increase in accurate first-time inputs
35% improvement in customer productivity

The solution

The first step they took was to use Adopt’s in-app prompts and guidance to intervene in the inaccurate processes. This immediately reduced rework because users were told exactly what they needed to submit field-by-field. Adopt’s Advanced Analytics meant the bank’s customer service management team had rapid access to measurement of user behavior in app, without the need to invest in building analytics themselves or having to rebuild their application. This level of insight enabled them to refine their processes and was key to enabling real efficiency gains.

After 3 months, this approach resulted in a 210% increase in accurate first-time inputs and a 35% improvement in customer productivity. Just sustaining this level of performance would enable $800k in annual cost savings linked to their customer accounts, primarily through the efficiency of their internal rework teams. Altogether, the accurate task completions and improved customer satisfaction not only saved significant time and cost, but immeasurably improved their reputation and customer retention.

Having similar issues with or concerns about inaccurate data and rework?

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