The problem

A worldwide medical distributor reached out to AppLearn after having difficulty connecting the dots around several SAP Ariba challenges. After reviewing a significant portion of their support tickets and inaccurate data, and listening to frustrated employees, they realized they had a process efficiency problem, but couldn’t define or quantify it beyond that.

After initial discovery, we felt they had an issue with navigation burn. This refers to the unnecessary time an employee burns when executing a task in an application—often spent navigating around an application or navigating elsewhere to seek self-service support. To put a price on the perceived issue and boost overall employee productivity, they integrated AppLearn Adopt into both SAP Ariba and ServiceNow, in order to bring their ITSM features into the app where they’re most needed.

Key results

$192,000 in annual opportunity cost savings
8,000+ hours of regained productivity each year
Average 6-minute reduction in user search for support

The solution

To solve the inefficiencies for good, we had to qualify and quantify the underlying issues. Using Adopt’s analytics, we tracked the time spent delivering core SAP Ariba tasks and user engagement with ServiceNow. By combining the average time spent on both with how often these events occurred, we were able to determine the total waste was over 8,000 hours a year, or $192,000 in paid employee time.

Before having this full picture we moved quickly to make in-app tasks and the search for support much simpler for users, but armed with the data we doubled and focused our efforts where they were most needed to reduce the time to value. After bringing in-application guidance and ServiceNow Knowledge features to the point-of-need within SAP Ariba, unnecessary navigation burn plummeted. And with an average 6-minute reduction in time to self-help, this medical leaders’ productivity and satisfaction metrics have never been higher.

Having similar issues with or concerns about navigation burn?

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