Engineered to enable adoption excellence

The Adopt digital adoption solution enhances business applications by adding in-app guidance, resources and communications for users, as well as intelligent data dashboards for software admins. It works at the point of need and behind the scenes to bring certainty to the success of enterprise software.

The full suite of in and out-of-app modules mean you can not only optimize your workforce’s task efficiency, data accuracy and productivity, but evidence the actual business outcomes of your software investments. The potential of cloud software is unprecedented. The Adopt platform ensures you realize it.

The Adopt module suite

Advanced Analytics: Get unrivalled insight into the outcomes of your SaaS investments with customized dashboards based on Adopt and 3rd party data that enable you to quantify the actual value of your software.

Core Analytics: Learn about your users’ behavior and measure adoption successes through a series of centralized data dashboards, helping you to identify adoption issues and intervene accordingly.

Feedback: Gather valuable insights from your application users to measure collective happiness and readiness for change across your organization in a targeted, frictionless way.

Trails: Improve task accuracy and efficiency by adding step-by-step guidance directly within your applications, helping users to self-serve in unfamiliar software and reduce support requests.

Training Pages: Provide a central, in-app support hub for all your learning materials, accelerating organization-wide training and allowing skill readiness to be measured based on tracked activity.

Split Screen: Give your users relevant materials and instructions in the flow of work by embedding contextual training and support content in-app alongside their crucial tasks.

Smart Pages: Engage your workforce with effective communication, using in-app popups and web pages to raise awareness of software initiatives and deliver just-in-time contextual content.

Tooltips: Ensure the right information is input every time, with popups and field validation that helps users to be accurate and effective when completing specific processes.

Content Cloud: Store, manage and share all your support content in one place, with simple upload, search and tagging functions enabling the automated delivery of the right content at the right time.

Adopt can help your organization to:

  • Align project & business goals
  • Ensure data quality & accuracy
  • Maintain adoption after launch
  • Evidence adoption & business outcomes
  • Raise awareness of software change
  • Instill a self-service culture
  • Improve task efficiency
  • Reduce support & training requests
  • Confirm readiness for change
  • Lessen admin & training burden

Get unrivalled insight into the outcomes of your SaaS investments

For software administrators, Adopt enables the measurement of user behavior and application effectiveness. Through out-of-the-box data dashboards and integrated analytics, it can be used to not only optimize and evidence organization-wide adoption, but the cost savings and productivity gains that drive business forward.

Improve productivity with frictionless communications, resources and guidance

For software users, Adopt enhances productivity by providing frictionless communications, resources and step-by-step guidance inside and outside of their important applications. It simplifies tasks and makes it effortless to be productive, but also invites people to engage with further information and resources if they want to.

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