Digital Adoption FAQs

Why is digital adoption planning important?

Digital adoption planning is important as it means you can get the most value out of your workplace applications. By focusing on uptake and use of key tools as part of a digital adoption plan, you can keep an eye on efficiency savings and streamlined processes. It positions digital adoption as a priority for your company, by focusing on how your employees get use out of the technology they use every day. It also offers your business a quicker return on investment, as just having the tools and launching them is not a guarantee of adoption or success.

If a business doesn’t have digital adoption planning in place, it risks team members not getting the most out of workplace tools and applications. For example, people might spend a lot of time figuring out how to use applications, but this could be addressed with proper in-app support and training. It could risk losing time and impact your ability to get true ROI on technology investments. Employees who struggle to use software effectively may also feel frustration without the proper digital support around them to complete their tasks.

These risks can be addressed with thorough digital adoption planning. It allows your business to prioritize getting people properly up to speed on workplace technologies, so you can get real value from your digital investments. To learn more about digital adoption planning and the benefits it could have for your ROI, read our Ultimate Guide to Digital Adoption.